At Niagara Training Systems we work with each of our clients to create a safe environment for their guests and employees. Understanding that all events and venues are unique in size and scope, our team will work with you to develop the right size medical team with the expertise required for your event/venue.

We will provide on-site first responders who can administer basic life support and deal with most types of medical emergencies, along with a tent and signage for a First Aid Station. By providing on-scene treatment, they can decide if further medical care is required and subsequently contact local EMS services to arrange for transport and advanced care.

We offer very flexible scheduling and competitive rates for our event coverage. We book using an hourly rate with a 4 hour minimum. For non-profit or charitable events we can offer a discounted flat rate with promotional considerations.

To book our services for your next event, please fill out the online event medical services request form.  Please let us know how many participants or spectators you are expecting and the type of event.


Event Medical Services